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Primrose Power Klenz 5007 Fuel Treatment Diesel Enhancement

  • Increases Cetane 40 Points and Lubricity 67%
  • Cleans/Disperses Asphlatenes and Injector Deposits
  • Prevents Sludge Induced Filter Plugging
  • Dramatically Reduces Regens/Phantom Codes
  • Boost Power and Increases Fuel Economy
  • Highly Effective in all Blends of Bio Diesel

Application of Power Klenz ID Diesel Additive

Recommend a one-time use of 1:250 gallons (1 gallon bottle to 250 gallons of diesel) of enhancement to fuel ratio on first use and then later to a maintenance amount of 1:1000.

What does a Diesel Fuel Enhancement do?

Power Klenz 5007 is a premium diesel enhancement that was designed to inhibit injector problems that occur with high pressure common rail (HPCR) and pre-emission (traditional) engines. It also improves both engines overall performance. When using Power Klenz on ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD), it prevents injector deposits, inhibits corrosion, filter blocking tendency (FBT), improves lubricity, and cetane number.

Why should I use a diesel fuel additive?

Injector Deposit Control (detergency) helps to eliminate and prevent IDID formation and any nozzle coking from fuel deposits. This can improve fuel economy, improve power, and regulate to a lower amount of emissions from injector deposits.

Power Klenz 5007 improves ignition efficiency, improves cold starts, reduces warm-up time, smoothes engine operation, increases power and fuel economy. PKID 5007 is formulated with Xtreme Torque® to produce an increase of 4 cetane numbers or 40 points, in responsive diesel fuels, at its optimum treatment rate.

Power Klenz Diesel Enhancement Composition

  • IDID Specific enhancements
  • Lubricity Agents
  • Detergents
  • Antifouling Agents
  • Dispersants
  • Rust Inhibitors
  • Stabilizers
  • Thermal Stability Rejuvenation Agents
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Anti-Oxidants
  • Metal Deactivators
  • Cetane Improvers
  • Asphaltene Dissolution and Dispersion Agents
  • Carboxylate Dissolution and Dispersion Agents
  • Filterability Rejuvenation Agents

Performance Characteristics of Diesel Additive

The stability of fuel can also be improved by the addition of Power Klenz ID. Thermal stability can be measured by the ASTM D6468 Thermal Stability Test in addition to other commonly used stability tests for stored fuel.

Power Klenz ID also improves ignition efficiency, reduces time for warm-up, reduces wear and tear due to cold starts, smooths engine behavior, all while improving power and fuel economy. Power Klenz ID 5007 is formulated with Xtreme Torque® to increase cetane by four or equivalently fourty points. This is at the optium treatment rate in diesel fuels.

Preventing Injector Nozzle Coking with Diesel Enhancements

Power Klenz ID prevents injector deposits from forming while also removing nozzle coking deposits causing an increase in power, fuel economy, and regulating emissions caused by injector deposit build-up.



Customer Reviews

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Chad Relfe

Primrose Power Klenz 5007 Fuel Treatment Diesel Enhancement


They are awesome. I'm glad I brought them

Luke Gessner
Excellent product

This is the 2 case I’ve bought from Berry Trucking. Easy to order, comes very quickly. The power Klenz 5007 is an excellent fuel treatment. Fuel filters are clean with no restriction after a 30,000 mile service.

Wonderful to hear! Thanks Luke!

J King Trucking
Top Shelf

Great people to do business with and this product works! After getting it in the tank it really changes how the truck performs and the filters last longer. No gelling up with the cold temps.

Thank you Jace!

Doug Collins

My drivers think their engines are running smoother after one week of using Primrose

Great News!!! Glad it went to work for you as we discussed.